Petunia– A Stunning Flower Everyone Should Have in Their Yard

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Petunias are among the most beautiful garden plants. They amaze not only with their colors but also with a wonderful smell that cannot be ignored. Wondering if your garden allows you to grow such plants? Check out what petunias need and how to care for them. Perhaps they can become the main plant in your flower beds.

Stunning Petunia Plant - Learn How To Care For Petunias

Petunia – where does this plant come from?

Petunias are solanaceous plants that include many varieties. It is estimated that there are more than 30 types of petunias. The plant occurs naturally in South America, although it is popular worldwide and often appears in flower beds near homes.

The petunia is distinguished from other plants by its incredibly intense smell. So not only does it make a perfect garden decoration, but it also enriches the space with an aroma. The leaves are also a remarkable feature of the plant – if you look closely you will notice that they are hairy.

Petunia - where does this plant come from?

What are the most popular types of petunias?

One of the varieties – trailing petunia, also known as surfinia – is undoubtedly the most popular type of these plants. Gardeners frequently come across the names mentioned – what’s more, the terms petunia and surfinia are often used interchangeably, which isn’t entirely correct.

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In addition to this type, there are many other remarkable varieties. These include the following types of petunias:

  • petunia altiplana
  • Petunia axillaris
  • petunia exserta
  • Petunia inflata
  • Petunia occidentalis
  • Petunia riograndensis
  • petunia scheideana
  • petunia guarapuavensis
  • petunia integrifolia
  • petunia bonjardinensis
What are the most popular types of petunias?

Where to place petunias – in the sun or in the shade?

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