26 Vegetables Everyone Can Grow In The Shade

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Do you love gardening and growing beautiful vegetables? But part of your land is in the shade? And if I told you that this problem is not one, quite the contrary! Because there are many plants that appreciate the shade.

3 hours of daily sun is enough for them. In fact, many plants do better with a little shade, because full sun and heat burn them and dry out the soil.

Here are 41 fruits and vegetables that even grow in the shade.

1. Mesclun

Mesclun and salad mix like “mizuna” and “tatsoi” are the most shade-tolerant greens. They only require 2 hours of sunlight per day.

2. Rocket

This is my favorite spring salad. Arugula has a bitter taste that enhances a classic salad and makes a delicious pizza topping. In addition to its flavor, this type of bitter salad is believed to aid digestion.

3. Leaf lettuce

Salad greens can’t stand the hot summer sun and prefer shade. Grow different kinds in your garden to find your favorite. Or mix it up in your salad bowl for extra flavor.

4. Spinach

This super nutritious green veggie loves cool, so a bit of shade is fine with it, especially if the soil stays a bit moist.

5. Kale

Kale is delicious and used in many recipes. My favorite: the cabbage leaf chips. Try it, let me know. Kale appreciates a little shade in the middle of summer, it prevents it from burning.

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6. Swiss chard

The colors of this vegetable are so beautiful that it can also be grown as an ornamental plant. Chard loves shady, moist land. It is eaten as a side dish, much like spinach. It can also be used in many recipes for soups or savory pies… The stems are smaller when the plant is grown in full sun.

7. Cabbage

These giant leaves are a treat for cooks: stuffed cabbage leaves, toppings, wraps like with a tortilla, or even in a soup. Like its cousin kale, green or white cabbage hates the full sun.

8. Mint

It is a versatile herb for cooking, baking or even for tea and herbal teas. Mint is very invasive: plant it in a place where you don’t mind if it spreads out. The best is still in a pot. It likes to have the morning sun and does not mind a little shade in the afternoon.

9. Oregano

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Wonderful in Italian dishes, oregano is full of vitamins and so good! It particularly likes shady areas and is very easy to grow: it doesn’t need a lot of water, it likes shade, and is cold resistant. What could be better?

10. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is perfect for herbal teas against insomnia, to relieve headaches, stomach aches, and anxiety. It grows very easily and does not require much care.

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