10 Home Tricks For Watering Your Plants While You’re Away !

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How do you water your plants during the holidays?

Find out our 10 tips to keep your plants going this summer.

Suitcases ready, passports in hand or cars well loaded and we are ready to enjoy our well-deserved holidays.

Well, almost… there’s just one small detail we need to sort out… who’s going to look after our plants while we’re away? It’s not always easy to ask a neighbor or a friend to come and water our plants, so here are a few tips to make sure your plants don’t die while you’re away.


#1. The soaked wool technique, a grandmother’s trick for watering your plants this summer.

This grandmotherly trick is very popular for indoor plants. It involves filling a large basin with water and placing it high on a chair, then placing your plants on the ground near the chair. You connect the wool thread from the water basin to the heart of the plant (push the wool thread well into the ground). By capillary action, your plant will receive a regular supply of water and will be in full bloom when you return from your holiday.

#2. Drip watering with a plastic bottle, a watering tip for healthy plants when you return from your holidays.

This is a cheap and very effective “system D” watering technique. Simply take a plastic water bottle (adapt the volume of your bottle to the length of your absence), pierce the cap with several holes using a needle or a toothpick and make an air slot on the bottom of the bottle. Place the bottle in the ground with the neck down. We advise you to do a few tests before the big start to adapt the flow rate and the capacity of your bottle.

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#3. Oyas to be buried, the big stars of the moment for watering your plants during your holidays.

Oyas are clay water diffusers. They are micro-porous ceramic pots that you bury near your plants and fill with water. They let the water out gradually. They come in different sizes and can be adapted to different sizes of plants. The plants absorb the water they need. It is ecological, economical, and easy to install the system.

#4. Automatic drip irrigation for a large area to be watered during your holiday.

There are commercially available automated and programmed drip irrigation kits. This means that each flower pot can be equipped with a drip irrigation system with a regulated flow rate. You will need to connect the programmer to the tap. Your plants will receive the amount of water they need for their well-being.

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