7 Best Healthy Ginger Recipes You Need To Try Tonight

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Ginger root is not just a seasoning. It is also an excellent prophylactic agent that is recommended for the prevention of many ailments. Including viral diseases.

Today ginger can be bought in different forms – raw, dried, and sometimes even pickled. It can be also added to almost all dishes. It is believed to be ideal for those trying to lose weight and to treat plenty of diseases. But ginger tea is especially popular.

tea with ginger

In ancient times, a mixture based on grated ginger was considered ideal for the treatment of poisoning. Today we use this plant in order to obtain vitamins and minerals, which are abundant here. And without which human life is simply impossible.

But in order for this magic root to actually be useful, you need to know how to properly and what can be cooked with it. Therefore, especially for the readers of my blog, I offer 7 recipes that will come in handy today.


1: Ginger to boost immunity – how to take it right

2:  Ginger for Men – How to Take it for Men’s Health

3:  The best Recipe to Use Ginger for Treating Colds

4:A Drink based on the ginger root to lose weight – the best recipes

5: Losing weight using tea with cinnamon and ginger recipe

6: Losing weight using ginger and garlic tea recipe – step by step recipe

7:  Candied ginger – a healthy treat for those with a sweet tooth

1/Immunity-boosting ginger – how to take it right

To get a healing mixture to boost immunity in the midst of a viral infection, it is recommended to mix ginger with honey and lemon. And do everything as indicated in this recipe. It turns out to be an excellent antiseptic, as well as a real medicine that will cleanse the blood of toxins. In addition, it will also be anti-inflammatory, and this is one of the main conditions in order to do without drugs at the stage of prevention.

Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, ginger can easily replace garlic. But on the other hand, it tastes much more pleasant and aromatic. And it does not leave a smell after use. You can take such a mixture not only as prophylaxis but also during the period of illness to relieve the symptoms of a cold.

The recipe for making a mixture to raise immunity and strengthen the body is incredibly simple.

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For this we need:

  • ginger root – 50-90 g,
  • lemon – 2 whole,
  • honey (any) – 100 g.

as you can see, there is absolutely no need for us to buy a whole kilogram of the root. 100 grams will be quite enough, which is especially important taking into consideration today’s high prices for this product.

How to make tea with ginger, honey, and lemon

tea with ginger

Wash the root under running water, peel with a knife, and chop in any way, for example, grate. If you cut with a knife, then the pieces we need are small and thin. After all, the most important thing for us is to get juice.

Grind the lemon. A blender is ideal for this purpose. But if it is not there, a meat grinder will do.

We mix the two ingredients together and then send them back to a blender or meat grinder.

Add honey to the finished mixture, mix again, transfer to a glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

Take one teaspoon three times daily from the first day of the onset of cold symptoms. But to strengthen the immune system, those who are not sick should take the mixture differently – dissolve a tablespoon in a large glass of water and drink it once a day before meals.

2/Ginger for men – how to take it for men’s health

Ginger is a root that is very beneficial for men’s health. Therefore, they must definitely eat it. As a result, there will be an improvement in blood circulation in all organs and systems, which has a positive effect on potency.

So, for example, during love games, you can massage your beloved man with a drop of ginger oil. And as a frontal drink, use tea, which is also infused with this healing root. Moreover, it perfectly tones and invigorates, which will allow you to give up coffee in the morning. After all, this strong drink should not be drunk by those who have stomach problems and heart disease. These contraindications do not apply to ginger.

What you need:

  • ginger – a few medium pieces (to taste),
  • boiling water,
  • mint – 1-2 leaves.

And to make such tea pleasant to drink, use the man’s favorite mug, so it will be much easier to persuade him to drink a healthy drink.

How to cook

Ginger for men - how to take for men's health

Pour 200 ml of boiling water into a mug.

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Put pieces of ginger and a couple of mint leaves in boiling water. It is important to cut the ginger so that it is very fine. And be sure to rinse the mint with cool water.

When the tea cools down a little, or rather to a temperature of 50 degrees, you can add a teaspoon of honey or even a slice of lemon to it – whoever likes what better.

You can drink this tea several times a day. Also, be sure to teach your man to eat pickled ginger. It is incredibly beneficial to the health of all people on the planet.

3/The best recipe of ginger to treat colds

Ginger has been proven to be one of the most effective remedies in the treatment of respiratory and infectious diseases. This group includes influenza, acute respiratory infections, ARVI. In order for the body to cope with the virus faster, you can use this popular and proven recipe.

What we need:

  • water – 1 liter,
  • ginger root (fresh) – root 9-10 cm long,
  • green tea leaves – 2 tablespoons,
  • honey – 8 tablespoons,
  • lemon – half a citrus,
  • cloves – 2 things,
  • cinnamon – half a tablespoon.

Honey is best to take floral and always fresh. It is not recommended to buy a mixture of syrup, which in most cases is sold in the store under the guise of honey.

How to cook

A useful recipe for using ginger to treat colds

First, we brew regular tea. For this, we use tea leaves. But it is better not to use the usual tea leaves for one-time brewing. After filtering.

Pour the brewed tea into a saucepan, add ginger there, which must first be washed, peeled and grated. We spread the cloves and cinnamon. We put it on fire and bring it to a boil.

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Then we reduce the heat to a minimum, cover it with a lid and leave it in such a boiling state for 30 minutes.

After that add honey and pour out the lemon juice. It must be squeezed out of citrus. But using the store is not recommended – it contains too much sugar. After we remove it from heat and put it under the lid for another hour.

Tea is especially useful for dry cough and slight fever. It is recommended to drink it up to 3 times a day, 100 ml.

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