8 surprising reasons farting is good for you

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We all agree that this is not the most glamorous health advice we could discuss!

In fact, many people find this topic rather embarrassing! But hey… everyone has flatulence and let’s face it, it feels good! But how well do you know your farts?

Gas is a normal part of a healthy digestive system and a good indicator of our well-being.

On average, we should pass gas 5-10 times a day, according to Medical Daily. Now, obviously, some foods give us more gas than others, especially carbohydrates such as beans, sweet potatoes, oats, and wheat, as well as any food that is full of nutritional value that can give off a strong odor.

But whether you fart 1 or 50 times a day, here are 8 good reasons why you should let go!
1) It reduces bloating

Bloating is often caused by a buildup of gas in your gut. That’s right: The full, tight discomfort that makes your pants a little tighter might just be because you need to fart. So don’t hold it in.

2) It will help you balance your diet.

All intestines are unique and process all foods in their own way. But one thing remains the same for everyone. Farting is a good indicator of how balanced or unbalanced your system is. For example, eating too much red meat will cause you to fart with a strong odor, while complex carbohydrates will cause you to fart more frequently, but with less of an odor.

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3) Inhaling fart odor has benefits! Imagine!!!

And not just any fart! The one that smells like rotten eggs! Studies show that hydrogen sulfide, one of the compounds included in gases, would prevent the appearance of certain serious diseases. The rotten egg smell you breathe in reduces the risk of cellular deterioration, stroke, and heart attack.


4) Holding in gas can be bad for your colon.

Holding in gas can increase the formation of hemorrhoids. Trying to manipulate the release of gas can also be bad, the best solution is to let it out naturally. People who have colon problems due to illness are also advised to never hold back gas.

5) Farts tell us about our health:

food poisoning WATER LEMON

Do you fart every day? How many times a day? Does your gas have a strong odor? Do you feel pain when you fart? Your gas can be a warning sign for a whole range of health problems. And instinctively, you might wonder if you notice any distinctive changes. In this case, it’s important to see your doctor.

6) Gas can even be diagnostic of a food allergy.

Some allergies can cause severe flatulence, such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease. If you have a large increase in flatulence after eating a particular food, ask your family doctor at your next visit to test for allergies and avoid that food until the results are in.

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