15 Benefits of The Miracle Juice: Beetroot, Carrot and Apple Juice

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Wondering what the Miracle Drink is and how it can benefit you? Then you must read this post!

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The Miracle Drink – An Overview

Have you heard about ABC, also known as the Miracle Drink? If you have not, it is time that you learned more about it. It is called ABC because of the three ingredients – Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot, and it is making waves as a cancer-fighting drink. It was initially introduced by a Chinese herbalist to treat lung cancer and other diseases. Presently, it has gained a lot of attention for its magic-like properties that benefit the body and brain.

Miracle Drink Recipe:


  • Equal proportions of 1 tablespoon of honey or lemon juice and 1 or ½ a glass of chilled water
  • Carrots
  • Beetroots
  • Apples

*Do not use sugar.


  1. Get one large juicy apple, carrot, and beetroot.
  1. Wash them clean to remove any dirt.
  1. Chop them up into little pieces, without peeling.
  1. Add them into a blender or juicer.
  1. Pour in the cold water to help the blending process.
  1. Blend away!
  1. Pass the pulpy mix through a strainer.
  1. Serve in a glass with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon or a tablespoon of honey.

When Should You Drink The Miracle Drink?

Keep consuming the Miracle Drink on a daily basis at least once a day. It works best on an empty stomach. So drink it about an hour before having your breakfast in the mornings. If you like, you can have it in the evening as well, but make sure it’s on an empty stomach.

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The health benefits of the Miracle Drink show up slow but are very effective. In some cases, it may take only two weeks to a month for the results to appear. However, for others, it may take at least three months. It works the same way any health supplement does, but costs way less and provides a lot more.

What is special about this miracle juice?

Check out here some of the top miracle drink benefits

1. Nourishing Vitamins And Minerals

The Miracle Drink is a healthy cocktail of vitamins and minerals the body needs to repair itself and grow. Each component adds to the nutritional value of the drink on its own – you simply have apple juice, beet juice, and carrot juice. But together you have a power concoction of vitamins – A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and K, plus minerals like folate, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, niacin, sodium, and manganese.

2. Delays The Aging Process

The goodness of vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and K helps you look and feel younger than you really are. The dietary fibers and minerals also help improve basic bodily functions and rejuvenate the body and its vital organs.

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3. Produces A Healthy Pink Blush

Have you tried all the treatments out there to cure your dreadful acne, but none of them seem to work? Don’t worry because with the regular consumption of the Miracle Drink you can improve your complexion. The Miracle Drink flushes out toxins and chemicals causing acne, blackheads, and blemishes. It leaves the skin with a healthy glow and natural, rosy blush. So you can put away the makeup and throw away all those chemical products, as you enjoy a more natural and lighter look.

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4. Improves Vision And Strengthens Eye Muscles

Your delicate eyes experience a lot of stress and strain all day, especially if your work involves the use of computers. This can affect the strength of your eye muscles, tire your eyes, and even dry them. Drinking a glass full of this wondrous juice will provide your body with vitamin A, which is essential for enhancing vision. It also helps improve the strength of ciliary muscles, which help change the focal length of the eye lens. The ABC Miracle Drink soothes and relaxes tired eyes too. As a result of these benefits, you can maintain a good vision.

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5. Boosts The Brain And Sharpens Memory

This nutrition-enriched drink is capable of enhancing nerve connections for faster response. It also improves a person’s attention span, memory and concentration levels. As a result, you will be able to think faster and work better in all the activities and tasks you choose to take up.

6. Strengthens Internal Organs

The liver processes protein and stores energy, the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body, and the kidneys cleanse the system. All of the organs in our body have a role to play, which takes care of the entire body, and hence, you need to take care of them too. With the help of the Miracle Drink, you can do just that. The alpha and beta carotene form the star ingredients that detoxify the liver, maintain blood pressure levels, control cholesterol, assist digestion and keep the body feeling active and fit. This prevents heart diseases, the formation of ulcers, chronic constipation, liver diseases, and kidney problems.


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