How To Grow Huge Tomatoes – 3 Tomato Varieties That Grow BIG!

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Are you on the lookout for some impressive, attention-grabbing tomato varieties to plant this year, aiming for those colossal tomatoes that are larger than life?

There’s something truly special about witnessing a gigantic tomato thrive in your garden. It’s quite exhilarating to see a massive, green orb taking the form of a plant. Perhaps it’s the excitement of watching it grow to impressive sizes or the anticipation of savoring its juicy and delicious flavor.

Let’s face it, for most gardeners, it boils down to one thing – the coveted bragging rights! Who wouldn’t want to cultivate the biggest tomato in the neighborhood and proudly showcase it to fellow gardeners and friends?

There’s truly nothing like the satisfaction of picking a massive, ripe-red tomato straight from your garden. Well, that is until you slice it open and savor the incredible burst of flavor!

Planting a couple of tomato plants with larger varieties can bring a lot of joy and excitement to your gardening season, especially when you think about the beauty and deliciousness that come with big tomatoes.

So, keeping that in mind, here are three exceptionally flavorful tomato plant varieties that you might want to consider for your garden this year, promising some of the largest and tastiest tomatoes you can grow!

How To Grow Huge Tomatoes – 3 Tomato Varieties That Grow BIG!

#1 Big Rainbow

If you’re aiming for a tomato variety that elicits oohs and aahs from neighbors, friends, and family, the Big Rainbow tomato is a surefire crowd-pleaser! Its remarkable size, vibrant color, and rich flavor make it one of the most visually stunning marbled tomatoes you can cultivate. And let’s talk about its size – this tomato can grow impressively large!

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The plant yields gorgeous tomatoes that often reach two pounds or more. With vibrant streaks of red, gold, orange, and yellow running through the flesh, it’s a truly stunning sight. But the real magic happens when you taste it – the flavor is nothing short of divine!

Ideal for slicing and enjoying, this is a tomato that deserves to be showcased on salads, platters, and more. The plant is an indeterminate variety, ensuring a continuous harvest throughout the season until the first frost.

Big Rainbow is not just a tasty tomato; it’s a visual delight with its beautiful exterior skin and marbled interior flesh. With fruits that can reach a whopping two-plus pounds, it certainly falls into the “Whopper” category of tomatoes. This variety truly stands out for its impressive size and aesthetic appeal.

For that impressive “wow” factor, go ahead and slice the Big Rainbow tomato thick! It boasts green shoulders, and its flesh showcases a captivating blend of gold, orange, and yellow hues with stunning red marble streaks throughout and on the blossom end. The tomatoes are not only visually striking but also incredibly juicy with a delightful fruity sweetness. Whether featured on a platter, in a salad or as the perfect complement to any sandwich, Big Rainbow Tomatoes are sure to be a knockout.

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#2 Mortgage Lifter – How To Grow Huge Tomatoes

One of the most renowned “BIG” tomato varieties, the Mortgage Lifter, is not just impressive for its size but also carries a fascinating backstory.

In the early 20th century, during the hardship of the 1930s Depression era, a resourceful home gardener faced a desperate financial situation with his family. However, an incredible solution to their financial woes was growing right in his backyard garden.

The Story of Radiator Charlie…

Beyond its impressive size, the Mortgage Lifter also boasts amazing flavor. The thick, meaty interior, as depicted above, is ideal for topping hamburgers, adding a delicious and substantial element to this classic dish.

Affectionately known as Radiator Charlie among friends, he had a passion for experimenting with plants. After meticulously crossbreeding his top tomato plants for several years, he successfully cultivated a classic beefsteak tomato plant that bore outrageously large fruits. Just how large? Most of them grew to two pounds or more, with some reaching an impressive 4 pounds or beyond!

Recognizing the uniqueness of his creation, Radiator Charlie began selling these remarkable plants for $1 each. With the profits, he managed to pay off the mortgage on his West Virginia home, and the rest, as they say, is history!

These tomatoes are not just a visual delight. The heirloom beefsteak plant produces robust tomatoes that are perfect for fresh eating or slicing onto various sandwiches. And the taste? It’s as sweet and delicious as can be!

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