One month before a heart attack, your body warns you – These are the 9 signs

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Heart attacks are a huge concern around the world. In fact, it is the leading cause of death, which means that we should all know what symptoms to know before becoming a victim. Diet combined with a stressful lifestyle is a catalyst for heart attacks, making them more frequent in recent years. According to Mercola, stress not only increases inflammation but also causes heart attacks.

Living a healthy life – which includes less stress – is critical to protecting yourself from this deadly disease. However, knowing the symptoms of a heart attack a month before it happens can play an important role in saving lives.

1/ Body weakness

fibromyalgia WATER LEMON

One of the main symptoms to watch out for is body weakness. Your body feels weak because it is experiencing a narrowing of the arteries, which means less blood circulation flow. This leads to weak muscles, which can cause you to even fall more easily. This symptom is a “big red flag,” so be careful if you are experiencing body weakness.

2/Dizziness and cold sweats – Cold

sweats and dizziness are another sign that something is wrong, very wrong, poor blood circulation in the body cuts off some of the blood flow to the brain. This restriction of blood flow is something to consider, as your body will feel uncomfortable. Your brain needs adequate blood flow to function properly and feel healthy. These symptoms indicate that a heart attack could be just around the corner.

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3/Chest pressure or pain


One month before a heart attack, your body warns you – These are the 9 signs

If you have chest pressure, you need to check it out right away, chest pain or discomfort is a major sign that a heart attack may happen. The chest pain or pressure you may be experiencing will only increase as the potential heart attack approaches. According to Livestrong, pain can also shift to other areas of the body, such as the arms, back, and shoulders.

4/Cold or Flu

flu lemon water

If you’re experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms, there’s a good chance a heart attack is on the way. Many people who have had heart attacks describe suffering from cold or flu symptoms just before having a heart attack.


Are you constantly feeling tired? Fatigue is a great indicator of a heart attack because it is caused by reduced blood flow to the heart. When the arteries narrow, the heart receives less blood, making it harder for it to function than usual. If one feels overworked and tired, one should be evaluated by your doctor.

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