This is what happens when you put onions in your socks at night.

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Do you think that onions are only good for flavoring dishes? Big mistake! This vegetable is a real ally for the well-being of the body.

Indeed, by putting onions in your socks, you will obtain many benefits. For example, onions moisturize and slow down cell aging.

Putting onion rings, preferably white onions, under your feet before going to bed will help the body eliminate toxins and act as a natural antibiotic. Don’t be skeptical, read on to see how it works and try to believe it.

When it comes to health, usually the feet are one of the most ignored and neglected areas. In fact, in the sole, many nerve endings interact with all our organs. That’s why putting an onion under your foot before going to sleep can relieve some of the aches and pains. It’s hard to believe but it doesn’t cost anything to try and you’ll see that it works!

The following article discovers the benefits of putting an onion under your feet before going to bed.

1) How to put onions in your socks

The white onion is the most suitable for this wellness treatment, but as an alternative, you can also use a red one. In the evening, before going to bed, you should cut the onion into thin slices and put them under your feet the night to benefit from all the useful properties for your body.
The slices should be put under the arch of the feet, make sure you wear socks so that they do not move during the night.

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As usual, you should use natural fibers that allow your feet to sweat. In the morning, to remove the unpleasant onion smell, it is recommended to use a steel object. After soaking it, it will remove all the remaining onion smell by rubbing it under the foot.

Read on to find out about other miraculous benefits this operation has on your body.

2) Why on the feet?

The feet are the most neglected parts of our health. In general, we treat them when they hurt or when we feel tingling due to circulatory problems.

What we are not aware of is that on the bottom of the feet there is a large number of nerve endings connected to the vital organs.

The connecting points are called meridians. They correspond to the acupuncture points. They contain a great deal of electrical power so that when we stimulate them, we have quick access to the rest of the body.

This is why if we put pieces of onion on the bottom of our feet, we will put all its properties (purifying, antiseptic…) in direct contact with our body, to purify it.

3) It eliminates toxins

Onions are rich in folic acid. This is a vitamin that is extremely valuable for our body. In fact, it is an essential substance for the synthesis and repair of DNA. It is necessary for the proliferation of cells, with particular importance for tissues that undergo rapid replication and differentiation processes such as blood and skin. If you sleep with an onion under your feet, the abundant amount of folic acid will contribute to the elimination of toxins that accumulate in the body, absorbing them and helping the body to restore the normal balance.

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