Use Garlic and Milk to treat Different Health Problems

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Use milk and garlic to treat asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia, insomnia, heart problems, coughs, arthritis. 100% proven …
how to use milk and garlic to cure asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia, insomnia, heart problems, cough, arthritis.

Garlic is an incredible ingredient that has countless health benefits, but most people avoid it because of its specific taste and smell. The combination of milk and garlic may sound crazy to you, but it’s actually a great combination with many health benefits!

You should definitely try it. This combination sounds really strange, but it’s worth a try. Here we present you a recipe called garlic milk, which is natural medicine. You should drink it hot!
You will need:
500 ml of milk
10 cloves of garlic, minced
2-3 teaspoons of sugar
250 ml water


Put the water and milk in a saucepan and add the garlic. Put the pan on heat and let the mixture boil a little. The heat should be moderate and not higher. You should also stir all the time! Strain this and add sugar to it. Drink it hot!

1.For Asthma

3 cloves of garlic every day at night, relieves this problem.



Take milk and garlic 3 times a day.

3.Heart problems

This drink helps you to reduce bad LDL cholesterol and stop clots from forming, thus improving heart health. It will be even more effective if you use skim or low-fat milk.

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4. Jaundice and Eliminating toxins


Garlic is also excellent for jaundice and eliminating toxins. Garlic activates the right enzymes and the liver starts to function well. Our liver needs sulfur to detoxify the body and garlic has this sulfur. This is very important for the liver and even better for fatty liver disease. It contains allicin, selenium well and produces more bile, which reduces fatty liver. If you drink milk and garlic for 5 days, jaundice will disappear!



Take this mixture every day and reduce that pain or inflammation!

5. Insomnia


The milk and garlic mixture soothes you and helps you to relax more.

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6. Cough

Add turmeric to this mixture and you have the perfect cough remedy. Make garlic, milk and turmeric for this purpose. Garlic kills bacteria and if you even add honey, it will relieve your chronic cough forever!

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