AN Incredible Old German Recipe For Cleansing Blood Vessels!

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Today you will find out about an incredible old German recipe that will effectively cleanse your blood vessels and help you prevent calcification. All the ingredients in this recipe will have an extremely positive effect on your overall health.


1 small piece of ginger root

4 unpeeled lemons

4 large cloves of garlic;

2 liters of water;

Cooking method:

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Wash the lemons and ginger.

Cut them into small pieces, and place them in a blender. Then peel the garlic and add it to the other ingredients in a blender. Mix them well and then pour the resulting mixture into a bowl.

Add water and put it on fire. Without letting it boil, remove it from heat and let it cool. Then strain.

It is better to store this product in the refrigerator in glass bottles.


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Shake the bottle well before each use.

Try to drink this mixture at least 2 hours before meals on an empty stomach.

Continue using the mixture for three weeks.

Then take a break for a week.

If necessary, you can repeat the treatment again.

Note: Regarding the smell of garlic – don’t worry, as it will be neutralized during the preparation process.

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