These 18 People Intentionally Change Their Appearance To Look Like Devils. Attention to # 6

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There is a new trend when it comes to extreme body modifications that are spreading all over the world. The trend now is to get eyeball tattoos to look like a “demon.”

Yes, you read that correctly. It is possible to tattoo the eyeball. The process is quite painful and the results range from slightly creepy to downright demonic. If you don’t believe us just take a look at the photos below.

Warning: Some of these images show the eyeball tattooing process and may hurt your sensitivity.

1. His face tattoo makes his eyes less striking

tattoos-in-eyes-1 [sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / racc00nicorn»]

2. This boy has completely different “blue eyes”

tattoos-in-eyes-2[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / vomidechat»]

3. Can you see me now?

tattoos-in-eyes-3[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / cocoskinchanel»]

4. It is about to take your soul …

tattoos-in-eyes-4[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / thetattooedvisage»]

5. What is also happening to your tongue?

tattoos-in-eyes-5[sc: credits-no-url text = »Tumblr / ahistoryofweedcraft»]

6. Those eyes …

tattoos-in-eyes-6[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / f4llingde4d»]

7. I wouldn’t want to meet these guys in a dark alley.

tattoos-in-eyes-7[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / f4llingde4d»]

8. I don’t think he wears a shirt …

tattoos-in-eyes-8[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / hardlyliberdadee»]

9. This is what “demon eyes” are like when I imagine them

tattoos-in-eyes-9[sc: credits-sin-url text = »Tumblr / crysta-ls»]

10. I wouldn’t want to lose myself in those eyes

tattoos-in-eyes-10[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / madeinbedroom»]

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11. Well, this seems painful …

tattoos-in-eyes-11[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / nebul-0-us»]

12. Good to know that having a tattooed eye doesn’t stop you from working at Comcast

tattoos-in-eyes-12[sc: credits-sin-url text = »Tumblr / vilonious»]

13. Those purple eyes are somewhat disturbing …

tattoos-in-eyes-13[sc: credits-sin-url text = »Tumblr / my-own-step»]

14. I would not like to be alone with him …

tattoos-in-eyes-14[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / missxronix»]

15. Why are you so serious?

tattoos-in-eyes-15[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / f4llingde4d»]

16. Her eyes match her hair color

tattoos-in-eyes-16[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / vomidechat»]

17. Who said they are scary?

tattoos-in-eyes-17[sc: credits-without-url text = »Tumblr / fire – side»]

18. Probably the prettiest tattooed eyes I’ve ever seen

tattoos-in-eyes-18[sc: credits-without-url text = »Imgur»]


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