20 Magical Benefits of Onions That Keep the Doctor Away

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13. Prevent Blood Clots

Onions contain a compound called rutin, which can help prevent blood from clotting. In numerous mice studies, rutin was found to be the most potently anti-thrombotic compound. Clots occur in the arteries and veins – in arteries, the clots are platelet-rich while in veins they are fibrin-rich.

The rutin in onions helps block an enzyme (protein disulfide isomerase), which is released very quickly when blood clots form.

15. Give An Energy Boost

The fiber in onions slows digestion and keeps the energy levels stable. The inulin in the vegetable helps maintain your stamina levels.

16. Improve Sexual Health

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Onions are one of the herbal medicines used in western Uganda for managing sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. Even otherwise, the vegetable is known to have benefits for men. Taking onion juice with honey is known to increase fertility in men.

17. Enhance Brain Health

Research suggests that the antioxidants in onions bind with the harmful toxins in the brain and flush them out of the body. And the sulfur-containing compounds in onions can slow down age-related memory loss. The extracts of onions have been found to maintain the hippocampus. However, a part of these memory fighting properties might be lost upon cooking. Hence, try your best to eat the fruit raw.

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Another sulfur-compound in onions, named di-n-propyl trisulfide, improves memory impairment. Onions are also believed to treat dizziness, epilepsy, and vertigo – though we have limited research on this.

18. Help Cure Fever

Onion can be included as a food ingredient to cure fever. It can also prevent or treat nose bleeding, given its natural fumes, which can help the blood clot (externally).

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19. Reduce Oxidative Stress

According to a Chinese study, taking onion juice can help modulate oxidative stress. In yet another study, it was found that onions can also lower diabetes-induced oxidative stress. The quercetin in the vegetable can prevent diseases related to oxidative stress. It also protects the DNA against damage from oxidative stress.

Another Argentine study attributes the ability of onions to reduce oxidative stress to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

20. Ease Menopause Symptoms

Onions help during menopause as they support the liver and get rid of the waste hormones. Taking enough calcium is also imperative during this period. Onions contain calcium too and can help in this regard.

Which Onion is the Healthiest?

There are different types of onions available in different reigns like red onions, yellow onions, and white onions.

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Yellow onion or also known as Spanish onions are delicate and sweet in flavor and easily cooked.

White onions are little pungent and crispy when eating raw and less-meaty flavor.

Red onions look good, studies so far have shown red onions are the healthiest varieties because they contain more minerals and vitamins than any other onion.

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