20 Best Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

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In the past, mental health was overlooked and many people suffered from conditions they were unaware of, or they were too ashamed to speak about it out loud. Luckily in the past few decades, we are trying to shine a light on all the things that are manageable, but we need help and support to cope with them. Depression is one of the leading reasons that lead to suicide and one in thirteen people worldwide suffers from anxiety. When we look at the statistics, we realize how serious these conditions are and there is still a huge stigma around them.

Every person says that they felt depressed or anxious at least once in their lives and there are more than 500 million people worldwide that suffer from at least one of these conditions. Fortunately, there are remedies that could help manage and cope with these diseases. One of the most important things is that sufferers should know they are not alone. There are thousands of support groups all around the internet on every social network. If you ever feel like no one understands you and that no one is there to help you, you should join some of those groups and find the support you need.

Not everyone understands the severity of these indications and some people may be oblivious or even ignorant. Because of that, it is really important for everyone to get the needed information and to know how to act when someone says they are depressed or anxious. These are serious mental health conditions and you should never say that it’s going to pass or that it is just in someone’s head. Here we are going to talk about the natural remedies that can help you cope with these diseases. Before trying anything, you should always consult with your doctor. All of these things are natural and safe to use, but you should never try things on your own.

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1. Chamomile

Source: Medical News Today

It is said that chamomile is a great way to help cope with these conditions. There are still not enough studies that back this claim, but many people report that drinking chamomile tea before bed reduced their stress and helped them relax.

Try drinking one cup of chamomile tea before bed or when you wake up and see if it helps you feel better. Since it is a natural tea, it won’t interfere with any medications you are taking and it won’t do any harm to you or your body.

2. Lavender

Source: Healthy Eating – SFGate

Lavender, used as tea or as an essential oil can help you relax and focus. It is reported that it not only helps you with anxiety but that it is also great for fixing any mood disturbances. It improves sleep, so you can put a few drops of lavender oil on your bed sheets or just boil water and add a few drops of the oil. The scent will go in every room and it should promote better sleep and it should make you feel relaxed.

There are still not enough studies to show how lavender helps with depression, but there are people who report feeling less depressed after using oil or lavender tea for a few weeks.

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3. Kratom

Source: Medical News Today

This substance is widely used all around the world to treat severe cases of depression and anxiety. However, since it is illegal in some parts of the world, there are not enough studies to back this claim. People report that it helps them with pain and that it makes them feel better and less stressed.

There are different strands of this product and ShopKetum suggests that Red Bali Kratom is the best strand when it comes to treating anxiety. It should also help with sleep conditions and severe cases of depression.

4. Saffron

Source: YouTube

There are studies that show saffron is effective in treating depression and helping patients cope with the disease. You can use it as tea or add some to your everyday meals. Since it is also used as a spice, there are no side effects of it, as long as you don’t use too much of it.

It is safe for use for all patients and it may help you with anxiety and other mental health issues. It promotes relaxation and it helps with mood swings.

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