8 Natural Ways to Make Your Teeth Whiter at Home

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Wanna get rid of yellow smiles?? Don’t worry we have the best teeth whitening home remedies for treating yellow teeth. Teeth decoloration can occur because of a lack of care by you or because of the age factor. Yes! Teeth color also fades as your age increases just like wrinkles on your skin. At a certain point in your life that shiny white smile starts to fade away. Yellow teeth, especially at an early age, can make embarrassing moments for you. You must have noticed news anchors, reporters having a shiny smile on their faces and must have wished for it too, but you must not have found a proper and trustworthy solution till now. Don’t you worry, you can get rid of these yellow teeth and get back white shiny colored teeth while sitting at your home.

How to Whiten Teeth with Natural Remedies

Yes! We have got the perfect teeth whitening home remedies for you that will help you get back sparkling white smiles.

A lot of people all over the world find yellow teeth depressing, the reasons for decoloration of your teeth include yellow teeth bones, age factor, irregular cleansing. All of these three reasons are the basic and most common teeth yellowing reasons. But we are not here to discuss the reasons that cause yellow teeth, we are here to provide you with the best solutions, and so we have below a brief list of home remedies for teeth whitening prepared only for you.

Here are the best-proven home remedies to whiten teeth instantly.

Teeth Flossing to get Beautiful Smile

Yes flossing whiten teeth, Flossing is usually not common among people, people tend to brush more than to floss. Dentists and hygiene experts recommend flossing more than brushing your teeth, actually flossing gets the inner stains and dirt particles removed from in between teeth. Flossing two times a day is recommended by dentists to get a healthy and beautiful smile. Brushing your teeth can only clean the front side of your teeth, but the stains in between them can only be removed by floss.

How to Whiten Teeth with Baking Soda
Teeth Whitening Process

Baking Soda & Lemon are the best home remedies to whiten teeth instantly.


Brushing teeth with baking soda and with lemon both can be very effective in whitening your teeth, but if used together they are super effective and are one of the most common and effective home remedies for teeth whitening. Baking soda for teeth whitening is super effective, but there is one drawback, you cannot use this paste daily for brushing your teeth as it is a very strong formula and its excessive use can simply damage your teeth and wear away the tooth enamel. It is recommended by a dentist that you apply brushing with baking soda method only once a week and not more than that. Some people have gums that are allergic to baking soda, and the use of it can sting their gums, so if you feel any allergic effect stop using it at once so that you do not cause any more damage to your teeth. Instead of using this remedy you can use many more effective ones.

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You have to prepare a bubbly mixture of baking soda and lemon in a bowl. After cleaning saliva and plaque form, your teeth apply this mixture on your teeth and let it stay for about a minute and not more than that. After that brush, it off with a toothbrush gently and you will see excellent results but make sure the mixture doesn’t remain on your teeth for more than a minute or two, or it can wear teeth enamel.

Rubbing Banana Peel!


Yes! You can whiten teeth with banana peels. The inner side of banana peel has magnesium, potassium, and manganese along with other minerals that play an important role in natural teeth whitening. These minerals and chemicals are absorbed by your enamel and they give out a very healthy smile.

It is recommended by old people to those who ask for how to get whiter teeth DIY. After brushing and flossing your teeth you must rub the banana peels for about two to three minutes and after that rinse your mouth completely.


Apple Cider Vinegar to Whiten Teeth



It is a miracle natural product that is used in various diseases and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Apple cider vinegar is also used for teeth whitening at home. Although you’ll find mixed reviews about the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar in teeth whitening at home but using it a few times a week can make you feel your teeth visibly whiter than before.

Having dis infective, acidic and cleaning properties, it must be used with great care. You must dilute it with water and rinse your mouth with the solution not more than twice weekly. Its acidic nature clean the stains on enamel but if you use it more than as advised enamel also starts eroding.

Dietary Changes



Diet is one of the important factors which is the main cause of yellow teeth. If you intend to use teeth whitening methods at home, you must first look into your diet which is making your teeth yellow. Excessive sugar, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, wine, and smoking can cause your teeth to stain. If not treated timely they can become permanent. It does not mean to completely cut off these foods, but you can use them occasionally in limited amounts.

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You must limit such foods and drinks from your diet and include more fresh fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits are also used for best at-home teeth whitening remedies like strawberries, pineapple, and papayas. These fruits have mild exfoliating properties which exfoliate your teeth and make them white and shiny. Foods containing calcium must also be a part of your daily diet like milk, cheese, broccoli, etc. this will make enamel healthy and prevents its erosion. Stay away from smoking too as nicotine stains are too difficult to remove from teeth.

Whiten Teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide!



Hydrogen peroxide is one of the oldest natural teeth whitening DIY tricks. This statement is also approved by famous dentists all over the world. People who were suffering from dirty teeth have found great results from rinsing their mouths and teeth with hydrogen peroxide. A few seconds of the wash with hydrogen peroxide can give them a healthy smile. Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening DIY is considered as one of the best ones.

Instant teeth whitening DIY trick is also available which includes another ingredient with the famous hydrogen peroxide! So don’t you worry about how to whiten teeth DIY. It’s very easy. Famous dentists around the world and old people who have experienced this trick and have evolved it recommends that you use hydrogen peroxide and DIY teeth whitening baking soda for yourself. The recommendation is to mix baking soda and the hydrogen peroxide solution so that a paste is formed out of it.

Three drops of hydrogen peroxide are mixed with baking soda to form a paste and afterward, the pate is applied on a toothbrush just like toothpaste is applied. Brushing your teeth with this solution is the best way to get a clean DIY tooth. This is the best DIY teeth whitening hack.

Let us give you another important fact before you start using it like shit on a daily basis. Dentists and people who have tried this measure recommend this to be used only for a week on a regular basis and after that, you must go for normal DIY whitening toothpaste. This measure should only be used once every six months. Using this on a regular basis can easily damage the tooth enamel and can eventually cause tooth loss as it is a very harsh paste. DIY teeth cleaning is easy with it but you have to pay a heavy price for it.

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