7 Secrets to Keep Your African Violet Blooming All Year Long

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Similar to us, these little plants flourish with a consistent, balanced diet. However, their nutritional needs revolve around NPK – nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous.

For optimal health, African violets thrive when provided with a regular supply of all the essential nutrients, rather than sporadic feedings focused solely on blooms. Choose a versatile fertilizer and adhere to the recommended instructions for each watering session. I’ve had success with Dr. Earth Pure Gold Pump & Grow All Purpose Plant Food With a nutrient ratio of 1-1-1 and a weekly application recommendation, it’s easily accessible at major retailers as well as some smaller hardware stores and nurseries.

Women's hand watering African violets

A crucial point to remember when fertilizing your plants with every watering is to provide one monthly watering session without any fertilizer. This practice helps flush out excess salts from the soil. Without this occasional flushing, salts can accumulate and pose a risk to the plant’s well-being, which brings us to our next secret.

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