30 Beautiful Blue Flowers For Your Garden

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Blue flowers are a favorite of most of us. They present a certain freshness and an essential touch of color both in the garden and at home. They are very decorative and their presence is sufficient in itself.

Here is a list of the 30 prettiest blue flowers to adorn your garden month after month. Their blue color is soft and subtle, we appreciate their discretion and good taste.

1. Lupins

© F. Boucourt

Lupins are flowers in fragrant clusters with a very pronounced blue color or even sometimes lighter and slightly golden. It does not like clay soils or calcareous soils. They are easy to grow and almost wild. The more the soil is rich in silica, the more the blue is flamboyant. The Baptisias australis is the easiest to succeed, it is also the finest. They can reach 1.50 m in height.


© Cliff CC By 2.0 – Flickr

The hyacinth comes in different forms: the hyacinth of the Orient and the hyacinth of the woods. The oriental hyacinth measures between 15 and 25 cm, it can be single or in clusters as in the photo. It comes in different shades of blue, but also in white, red, pink, and yellow. You grow it in the sun or partial shade, outdoors or indoors in forced cultivation. It is particularly suitable for beds. The bluebell is different and grows in the undergrowth or in heather soil. It reproduces naturally and comes in the form of ears.

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3. hydrangea

© Muffet

The hydrangea is a flower in a round cluster. The most difficult thing is not to cultivate it, but rather to keep it well blue. There are however tricks for that, it is necessary to put slate in pieces at the foot and around the shrub. It is the acidity of the soil that determines the hue of these flowers, the more acidic it is, the bluer it is. Aluminum sulfate provides the necessary pH. Pure that it is very beautiful, remember to put fertilizer.

4.The delphinium

© Christian Hochet

The delphinium is a very decorative flower that comes in many varieties. They are often high and of a very pronounced blue although they also come in other colors. They are fine and delicate. In clusters or spikes, they generally flower between June and August. The flowers can be rather flat or rounded. They grow fairly easily with minimal maintenance.


© Photofarmer Flickr

These very pretty perennials have many advantages: they adapt to both harsh winters and hot summers. Its blue verging on purple is absolutely very seductive and luminous. They are perfect for decorative plantings and they attract pollinating insects. They are often found along the stairs or at the edge of the vegetable garden. They generally like full sun and rich, drained soil.

6.Brodiae or Triteleia

© Gnomicscience

The Brodiae or Triteleia is for many of us a beautiful unknown. Like almost all bulb flowers, you won’t see it in the summer anymore. It flowers in June, but its foliage appears in winter. It should be planted in the fall in well-drained soil that is not too poor. It prefers sufficiently mild climates. It also needs to be dry in winter.

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7. Althea

© Abrahami

She is often called the bluebird. It flowers between June and the first frosts. We love the intense blue of its flowers with their garnet heart. It has a diameter of 8 cm and can go up to 2.50 m. When it is exposed to 20°, it can become hardy with age. On the other hand, it must be protected from frost during its first years, when it remains the most fragile.

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