How To Grow Turmeric No Matter Where You Live

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Producing your own “turmeric”… Whether you have a balcony or a garden, this luxury is allowed to all curious gardeners. The planting of this spice with antiseptic properties can be done between the months of February and May.

Despite its Indian origin, Curcuma longa is very easy to grow in our climates.

You may not know it, but growing turmeric at home is possible and even quite easy. Native to Southeast Asia, turmeric can be grown from its rhizome, just like ginger. If it will grow easily in a garden or on a balcony, a simple window sill can also suffice for its cultivation.

Starting and Planting Turmeric

How To Grow Turmeric No Matter Where You Live

  • To successfully start growing turmeric, start by getting a few healthy rhizomes from an organic store and start them in pots, in special planting soil, burying them a few centimeters deep.
  • It is also possible to put the turmeric rhizomes on the bottom of the water in a dish, but it will then be necessary to take care to avoid any risk of rotting (in the event of excess), or of drying, if the water runs out.
  • Once the first shoots have emitted, install the turmeric in a larger pot, or even directly in the garden around mid-May.
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Wintering and storing turmeric rhizomes

  • Turmeric can withstand temperatures down to -15°C.
  • During its rest period, in October-November, the slightest excess of water, even minimal, causes it to rot.
  • It is more prudent to take it out of the ground to harvest it, keep the remains of the rhizome dry, and renew its planting in the garden the following year.
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Care for growing turmeric

  • It is at the time of its growth, from spring to the end of summer, that turmeric reminds us of its Indian origins: for good results, place this spice in partial shade and water regularly.
  • Turmeric should experience no growth interruptions. Under the right conditions, its rhizome can grow quite spectacularly.
  • Harvested in the fall, it keeps without difficulty for several whole months in a dry place, if possible away from air and light.

Interior planting

There’s no problem if you don’t have a garden: turmeric tolerates the indirect light of an interior, although it’s true that it will appreciate a few outings on the balcony or a window sill.

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In three steps, planting potted turmeric

In three steps, planting potted turmeric
  • Choose a few healthy rhizomes.
  • Arrange them in a dish on the bottom of water near a heat source.

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