Simple 13 Ways To Keep Cats Away From Your Garden

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Domestic cats roam out of curiosity, to mate, hunt, feed, and establish territory. They are unpredictable and it’s hard to get them to listen to you. The good news is that there are known methods to keep cats from making messes in our garden.

How do you keep cats away from your pots or flower beds? You may want to repel cats to protect birds. You may want to keep your cats and other pets away from stray cats.

Or you may want to keep cats from pooping in your yard so you don’t encounter their poop when gardening, mowing or walking.

Even cat feces can contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can infect humans and pets.

Cat repellents

With these tactics and products, cats can be deterred from digging in your garden beds, climbing on car roofs, or urinating in your driveway.

1/Bitter Apple

Bitter Apple products act as a taste deterrent rather than a complete repelling agent around plants. The product is not rainproof, but it is excellent on house plants that cats like to nibble on, like your expensive orchids.

2/Rose Branches

Old rose branches don’t compost well, but they will make your cat think twice about making a shortcut through your prized dahlia stand. If you only need to exclude your cats from an area temporarily, such as a fresh patch of dirt, cover the canes with mulch afterward to help them break down into the soil.

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3/Preventive planting with chicken wire:

Lay this chicken wire over the soil or mulch, along the bed before planting. Cats hate walking on chicken wire. Using wire cutters, you can cut pockets in the wire large enough to plant your plants (be careful not to cut or puncture yourself on the cut wire).

4/Stones or jagged-edged materials:

If your flower bed is already established, you can prevent the cat from wandering around the problem bed by putting pinecones (pine cones), sticks stuck in the ground, plastic forks, or a mulch of stones. Cats prefer to dig and poop in soft, loose soil.

5/Cat-scaring plants:

Some plants give off odors that cats do not like. The most recommended plant is called Coleus Canina. Other plants often recommended to keep cats away from yards are rue, lavender, and pennyroyal. You can plant these among your other plants.

6/Water guns :

Water is “Kryptonite for cats.” When you discover cats in the off-limits area, you can try squirting them with water. Such an action can reinforce the idea that they are not wanted in your flower bed. The downside is that you have to be “armed “all the time.

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