10 Ways to Stay Safe From Coronavirus

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During the time of an epidemic, people can easily get scared and think getting sick is unavoidable or take on any drastic measure to save themselves. The important thing is to research what experts say and find what different sources agree on to keep you safe.

We want to help you keep healthy during the time of health crisis so we’re sharing ways to keep healthy during an epidemic.

1. Keep sick family members at home.

10 Ways to Stay Safe From an Epidemic

One reason people tend to get sick during the winter months is likely because the cold weather often forces people together in enclosed spaces, making it easier for illnesses to spread. Knowing this, if you or a loved one is already showing signs of illness, avoid going out in public. In more severe cases, sick people might be placed under quarantine or isolation.

2. Medicate before symptoms occur.

For people who already take medication for asthma or allergies, it might be a good idea to talk to their doctor about a pre-medication plan, in which they treat symptoms before they occur, to help prevent the risk of illness.

3. Sanitize items that are regularly used.

10 Ways to Stay Safe From an Epidemic

Just as people should avoid going out in public when getting sick, it can be equally as important for people who are currently in good health to avoid close contact with people who are showing visible symptoms. Likewise, you should regularly sanitize frequently touched items in your home or place of business, this way you can avoid indirect contact with a sick person.

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