14 Original Ideas on How to Start a Budget Vegetable Garden in Less than $9

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Would you like to know How to Start a Budget Vegetable Garden for Less than $9? It might sound like a hard task but believe us, it’s not! Here are the best tips.

How to Start a Budget Vegetable Garden in $10
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If you are on a limited budget, then read about everything on How to Start a Budget Vegetable Garden for Less than $10?

How to Start a Budget Vegetable Garden in Less than $9?

1. Start Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

To start a vegetable garden, you don’t have to go and buy transplants. Have them for free right in your kitchen!

So, if you have got leek, lettuce, spring onions, beets, carrots, potatoes, herbs, celery, or garlic shoots from a farmer’s market or grocery store, then you can quickly regrow them from scraps and enjoy a fresh harvest.

2. Get Containers for Free

How to Start a Budget Vegetable Garden in $10 2

If you live in an apartment, then container gardening is the only valid option to grow veggies at home. Pots can be expensive and burdensome if you wish to have an extensive kitchen garden.

So, what could be the solution? Easy! Look out for places like construction sites, garden centers, restaurants, craigslist, bakeries, and in your home for items that can be your plant containers. You can easily find buckets, tin cans, boxes, empty jars, and food containers for free.

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3. Prepare Compost on Your Own


Making your own compost for a vegetable garden will save you plenty of bucks, and it is also a brilliant way of reusing kitchen waste.

It is pretty simple to start composting by using vegetable peelings, cardboard, egg cartons, tea bags, fallen leaves, and eggshells. You can also make leaf mold in your garden.

4. Use Seeds for Propagation

Having transplants from the nursery is the easiest and quickest way to start your vegetable garden, but it can be expensive if you’re on a budget. You can save quite a bit of money by propagating plants from seeds. Growing from seeds will also allow you to select from your favorite variety.

Choose seeds for vegetables that you consume most and those that grow fast.

5. Swap Seeds and Plants


Many seed packets will be more than you require for the first year, and you can swap them for plants or other seeds for free with your friends or online.

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