He Built A Nest Out Of Straw And Placed A Potato In The Middle In His Garden. Then A Few Weeks Later? Wow!

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Most people toy with the idea of adding a bountiful vegetable garden in their backyard. Yet not everyone is willing to go through the trouble to actually dig, plant, and water their crops.

Luckily, Laurie Ashbach’s has a brilliantly simple solution. Get ready to make your neighbors jealous!

All you’ll need is four fence posts, an eight-foot section of wire, a wire cutter, a bale of straw, compost, bags of dirt, and seed potatoes.
Start by placing the fence posts on the ground a few feet apart. Bend the fencing around your posts and tie them together to ensure that the fence is secure.
Throw your hay into the center of your fence.
After forming the hay into a nest-like structure, place your compost into the middle.
Next, cut the potatoes and place them inside the compost. If you can, make sure each potato has at least four “eyes,” which work like seeds.

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