16 Unexpected Uses of TABLE SALT

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Salt is one of the most commonly used seasonings in cooking. It is also one of the oldest and cheapest. But salt is not only used to give taste to our dishes. It has many other uses that you have probably never heard of. 16 Surprising Uses of TABLE SALT
We have selected for you the 16 most surprising uses of salt. You will be amazed!


1. Salt is used to prevent mold on shower curtains

When you’ve just bought a new shower curtain, wash it for the first time with saltwater. As a result, mold will never grow, or at least, it will be much harder to grow. Great, isn’t it?

2. Salt is used to relieve mosquito bites

To relieve the itching caused by mosquito bites, simply moisten your fingertip with water. Then soak it in salt and rub the mixture on the button.

3. Salt is used to shine copper objects

Salt does wonders for cleaning copper. Simply mix 1/2 cup of salt with 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of flour. Or add the juice of one lemon to the salt. Use the resulting mixture to scrub tarnished copper surfaces. Your copper will shine again! Discover the trick here.

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4. Salt is used to Avoid oil splashes Sprinkle

a little salt in the pan before you put meat or fish on the frying pan. Why should I do this? Because this prevents hot oil from splashing everywhere.

5. Slat is used to Prevent candles from dripping

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You don’t actually want your candles to dribble on the tablecloth when lit? Then soak them in a salt-concentrated water solution. Use a large handful of salt for every liter of water. They should soak in water for 2 hours. Then let the candle dry well before lighting it. No more candle stains on the tablecloth!

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