12 foods That Make you fall asleep faster

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It is sometimes difficult to close your eyes, but there is a solution: just eat! Sounds nice right?  start by taking care of the elements that you eat including cooked vegetables, protein, or dairy products, discover the list of 12foods that will make you fall asleep faster like a baby.

1/ Banana helps fall asleep faster


12 foods That Make you fall asleep faster

It will not be your friend in terms of calories (one of the most caloric fruits, unfortunately) but it will help you not only to sleep, but to sleep well! Its major asset? the presence of large quantities of tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes sleep. In addition, it also contains magnesium and potassium, which help relax muscles.

2/Yogurt with Honey

12 foods That Make you fall asleep faster

Known for their good effect on insomniacs, yogurt and honey are a winning combo for peaceful nights. These two foods contain calcium and a significant amount of glucose, but resting glucose (yes, there is such a thing). A balanced dessert for a good night’s sleep.

3/ Hazelnuts and almonds help fall asleep faster

12 foods That Make you fall asleep faster

If a small hollow wakes us up in the night, we drop the spread and go instead to hazelnuts or almonds. A snack that fills up quickly and again contains enough tryptophan to help us return to dreamland.

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4/ Fish (salmon and tuna) helps fall asleep faster

12 foods That Make you fall asleep faster

To be honest, eating fish in the middle of the night is not the most glamorous thing but its soothing action is certain. Vitamin B6 found in fish such as salmon or tuna helps to produce melatonin, which helps to stay asleep. To put it plainly, the higher your blood melatonin level is, the better you’ll sleep!


5/ Cheese and crackers

12 foods That Make you fall asleep faster

Another friend for good breath! Seriously, eating cheese is good for sleep thanks to the calcium it contains. Add to those crackers that are rich in tryptophan! You’d better think (if possible) about brushing your teeth after eating…

6/ Cereals help fall asleep faster


12 foods That Make you fall asleep faster

These are the kind of snacks we tend to get when we have insomnia attacks and that’s a good thing! It is preferable to choose cereals rich in vitamin B6 that will help you sleep. For example, you can prepare a bowl of oatmeal, good for sleeping more easily and excellent for your weight!

7/ Wholemeal bread

12 foods That Make you fall asleep faster

Forget about the white bread and move to the wholemeal bread, a real sleep ally. A source of magnesium, it helps the production of insulin in the body and allows a better rest.

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