5 Simple Home Remedies With Onions That Really Work

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5 home remedies with onions

Despite its reputation of making people cry and its penetrating smell, Only a few foods have as many therapeutic virtues and versatility as onions. Under its layers, it hides many secrets that protect your health. Get to know these 5 home remedies with onion in this article:

1. Onion Against cough

Due to its mucolytic effect, it breaks up thick mucus and its expectorant power, which facilitates the elimination of bronchial mucus, onion is an excellent natural option for relieving coughs.

To use onion against cough you can make a syrup

To do this you boil several onions, cut them into slices, and then crush them into a paste, add a few spoonfuls of honey. Let it rest and take it 2 or 3 times a day (one big spoonful, or 2 small ones).

2. Onion Relieves sore throat

If you suffer from a sore throat, irritation, or inflamed tonsils, onions can be a powerful natural option to soothe these discomforts.


Finely chop an onion and put it in a bowl. Add lemon juice, mix well and leave it overnight. The next day, strain and drink it on an empty stomach. If its smell doesn’t bother you, chop half an onion and leave it near your bed.

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3. Onion Against the flu

Regular consumption of onions, according to a study by the Spanish Food and Agriculture Technology Institute, helps to increase the body’s defenses and acts as a natural anti-influenza.

Its high content of sulfur substances with bactericidal properties fights the infection from the first symptoms. Make a tasty onion soup to beat a cold or flu and eat it hot.


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4. Onion Improves the skin

If you have acne, you’ve probably done everything you can to get rid of those annoying pimples. Onions, because of their high sulfur content, are an excellent remedy for healthy skin and for combating blemishes and pimples.

How to apply it

After washing your face, chop onions and extract their juice. Then apply to the area with acne or spots. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash. It is normal for it to burn a little, but the outcome is perfect.

5. Onion Lowers Cholesterol

According to a study from Tufts University in Boston, USA, eating half of a medium-sized onion every day would be enough to lower “bad” or LDL cholesterol and raise “good” or HDL cholesterol.

The action of the enzyme alliinase, a compound that is released when you cut or chop onions and is responsible for making us cry, would be the substance that promotes the reduction of bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Source.

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