How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage – 3 Simple Tricks That Work To Stop Mice!

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Trying to keep mice out of your garage during the colder months?

When it gets chilly, mice see garages as cozy shelters. They’re easier to sneak into than houses and often offer everything mice seek: warmth, shelter, and food. But as tiny as they are, they cause significant trouble. They can seriously damage tools, vehicles, and other items in your garage. Worse, their habit of nibbling on walls and electrical wires can lead to expensive repairs and even pose a fire risk.

Mice come into garages in mid to late fall looking for winter protection. And once inside, they can quickly begin to cause damage!

When Mice Set Up Shop…

Mice are resourceful when it comes to making their homes. They’ll use anything they can find—cardboard, paper, fabric, even plastic—to build cozy nests for warmth and safety. And once they start a family, their activity can cause even more destruction.

These nests create a heap of problems in a garage. Firstly, mouse feces and urine aren’t just unpleasant—they carry diseases. Plus, that lingering smell can stick around, ruining anything it touches, like fabrics or boxes.

But how do you stop this nightmare? Can you really prevent these critters from moving into your garage? Absolutely—without resorting to harsh chemicals that might be unsafe for you and your pets. And the best part? No more worrying about them wrecking your stuff!

3 Simple Tricks To Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage – For Good!

“Three fundamental steps exist to ensure mice stay out of your garage. Implementing all three effectively eradicates the possibility of mice making your garage their home.”

When mice take up residence in car and mower engines, they can chew wires and tubing, causing major damage in the process.

Initially, seal off the primary entry points mice use. Then, remove any potential food or nesting sites that make it convenient for them to settle in. Lastly, employ a potent yet entirely safe repellent to discourage their interest in entering your garage at all.

With a mouse-free garage in mind – here is a look at how to do all three with ease!

#1 Sealing Your Garage Off From Mice – How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage!

Mice commonly infiltrate garage spaces through four main entry points: open doors, open windows, gaps between walls and the floor, and small openings around water, electrical, and plumbing pipes that enter the garage.

Control over open doors and windows is crucial. As temperatures drop in fall, it’s vital to keep garage doors closed, as well as any access points leading into the garage from the outdoors.

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However, mice often slip through due to poorly sealed doors, particularly at the bottom. The lower seals of doors pose the most significant issue in granting mice access. Checking that the door seals completely against the floor when shut is essential. Over time, these seals can wear out, leading to potential entry points for mice.

The seal at the bottom of a garage door can be an easy entry point for mice.


Ensuring these seals are intact or replacing them stands as a top-notch method to prevent mice from entering. Even the tiniest gap is an opportunity for a mouse to slip through. Thankfully, there are numerous easy-to-install, universal kits accessible, making this task a breeze. Check out this product for more information: [Product Affiliate Link]

Also, inspect the seals and trim surrounding doors and windows. Seal any cracks you find with caulk. Not only does this keep mice at bay, but it also contributes to savings on your winter heating bills!

Checking Wall Seals & Utility Openings – How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage!

Another accessible entry for mice is the space between the bottom wall plate and the foundation. Walk around the entire garage perimeter and use caulk to seal off any openings.

Additionally, pay attention to openings around electrical or plumbing lines entering your garage—it’s a common spot for mice to slip through. These entry points often have gaps around them, allowing easy access for mice.

Utilize expandable foam for larger openings and silicone caulk for smaller gaps. Regardless of the method, closing off these entry points stands as the primary step toward success!

#2 Eliminating Food & Nesting Sources – How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage!

Now that your garage is properly sealed, it’s crucial to eliminate accessible food and nesting supplies. When mice can’t find food or materials for their nests, they’re less likely to attempt entry.

Regarding nesting materials, mice are drawn to fabric, cardboard, and paper. Avoid keeping these items openly stored in the garage. Opt for tightly sealed plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes for storage. Keep paper-based products like newspapers and paper cups out of the garage or securely enclosed in plastic containers.

Ensure blankets, towels, and rags are also stored in sealed plastic totes, as they make cozy bedding for mice. Additionally, be cautious when storing outdoor furniture cushions in the garage, as they can become comfortable homes for mice, potentially requiring replacement come spring.

Seal off any potential food sources, such as cat food, dog food, or rabbit food, using sealable plastic totes. Also, consider securing grass seed if stored in your garage, as it can be a significant attractant for mice.

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#3 Keeping Mice Out With A Strong Repellent – How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage!

Finally, safeguard those vulnerable entry points and equipment by employing a mouse repellent. Peppermint and cinnamon oil sprays and repellent pouches are remarkably effective for this purpose.

Repellent sprays leverage the potent scents of peppermint and cinnamon, deterring mice and other rodents. They work wonders when sprayed around entry points and seals that mice typically target.

Mice strongly dislike both scents, and there are exceptional natural products available that are extremely potent, ensuring mice stay away and prevent property damage.

Place the repellent pouches inside engine compartments, golf bags, grills, and other areas frequented by mice. Utilize the spray to coat all seals and entry points. Surprisingly, these products serve as an excellent solution to keep mice at bay permanently!

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Moreover, peppermint and cinnamon serve as effective repellents against an extensive array of insects and pests, including beetles, stink bugs, Asian beetles, spiders, and various others.

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When using pure peppermint essential oil, be cautious as it can be harmful if ingested by cats and dogs. Keep your pets in mind while using it in your garage and ensure they are away from the area during spraying. This method seals off your garage from mice, removes their food and nesting sources, and harnesses the potency of mint and cinnamon to deter them from ever seeking entry!

How To Get Rid Of Mice Naturally

Use Natural Repellents

Ultimately, there are highly potent natural repellent packs and sprays available in the market (refer to the list below) that excel at keeping mice at a distance.

Not only are they effective for safeguarding areas, but they prove even more invaluable when placed within equipment, vehicles, and compact spaces that mice are fond of inhabiting. When it comes to shielding equipment and wires, these products are the top choice!

Among the most effective natural repellents are peppermint oil and cinnamon oil. Mice simply find the robust aroma of either oil unappealing. These oils can be utilized as a spray to imbue openings and areas frequented by mice.

What’s even better is that these scents have been transformed into entirely natural packets or sachets that can be positioned in engine compartments, vehicles, and any small nooks that mice are prone to occupy, chew, and potentially damage. They prove exceptionally efficient at safeguarding these spaces.

3 Great Mice Repelling Products:

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