12 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors All Year Round

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herbs for indoor garden

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in Less Sun

1. Lemongrass

lemon grass

This herb grows wild in the tropics. You can as well grow it in temperate climates. It requires slightly moist soil and partial sun, and it can even adjust itself in a small container.

2. Mint

best herbs to grow indoors 1

In the garden, mint becomes very invasive and grows like a weed. It doesn’t require much sun too. You can even keep your potted mint plant in a spot that receives bright indirect sun.

3. Parsley
indoor herb garden

Grow it in a medium-large pot and keep that in a spot that receives part sun. At a moderate room temperature, you can grow it year-round. Just propagate new plants from time to time from cuttings, and they will last forever in your indoor herb garden.

4. Chives


Herbs that require less sunlight and moist soil to thrive are most suitable for growing indoors. Chives can grow in part sun. Just place the pot near a bright window facing east or west. You can multiply chives from an already established plant by division.

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