24 Plants That You Can Grow In Your Garden WITHOUT WATER

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All plants need water to survive. However, some plants can be grown without the need for water or at least much of it. These plants are ideal for dry regions or in case of prolonged drought. They can live untended for quite a while. Convenient, isn’t it? Often these are Mediterranean plants that live without water. Here is our selection of the 24 most resistant plants that can live without water…or almost no water.

1. Agave

The agave stores water in its thick foliage. It collects water through its deep roots. The sheet has sharp edges and a special look. These plants tolerate heat and drought and require little soil to grow in stones. That’s why landscapers often use it to decorate gardens… And of course for its drought-resistant properties.

2. Bougainvillea

The fragrant bougainvillea is the champion when it comes to resistance to drought, without watering. It is a very robust shrub that thrives in extreme conditions and on poor soils. In addition, it is very easy to grow. With its incredible colors, it is the king of gardens and terraces. These drought-tolerant summer flowers provide valuable shade. These shrubs are found everywhere on the Côte d’Azur.

3. Purslane

Among the plants requiring little water, there is purslane. It is a small plant with colorful drought-tolerant flowers. It thrives in poor, dry soil. Due to its thick succulent leaves, purslane can survive for a long time without water. And it’s a plant that stays small and needs heat to grow.

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4. Lithops

The lithops is a fatty plant also called “living stones” or “plant-pebble”. They are ideal rockery flowers. They are an easy plant to keep. As they grow in gravel, they are ideal rock garden flowers. And it does not require much care or water. They can also be grown indoors or in the garden.

5. The galliard

The gaillardia is a covering flower, economical in water, which grows quickly and well. It does not require any particular attention. Anyone can make it bloom profusely. Even weekend gardeners. All it needs is a sunny spot and some water. It blooms all summer and also in the fall. On the other hand, be aware that it fears frost unlike those which flower even in winter.

6. Verbena

Among the plants that require little water, we find verbena. Verbena is an excellent groundcover that spreads quickly. It needs high temperatures and little water. It is found in several bright colors. It flowers in clusters from spring to fall and all year round in warm climates. But there too she fears the cold. It needs lots of sun and well-drained soil.

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