Stop Buying Blueberries- Use This Clever Method To Get A Never Ending Supply

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Ensuring a consistent stash of blueberries is a wonderful means to infuse some sweetness (along with essential vitamins and minerals) into your breakfast or preferred smoothie. These berries also make for a delicious standalone snack. Regrettably, store-bought blueberries can be a tad pricey. However, by cultivating your own blueberries at home, you can sidestep the high costs and relish fresh fruit from your very own garden.

Take a look at the following pointers for successfully growing your own blueberries:

1. Picky, picky, picky:

Prior to planting your blueberry bush, invest some time in research to ensure you select a bush that thrives in your specific climate. Certain berry varieties flourish in humid conditions, while others are well-suited for freezing temperatures. This thoughtful consideration will contribute to the success of your blueberry garden.

2. Consider the soil:
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The acidity level of your soil is crucial. Aim for a pH range between 4 and 5. If your soil or local climate isn’t conducive to berry growth, consider planting them in pots as an alternative solution.

3. Plant them right:

To ensure the health of your berries, they require ample sunlight and nutrient-rich soil. If you’re planting them directly in the ground, select a location that receives plenty of sunlight. Leave a minimum of 5 feet of space between each bush. If you choose to plant them in pots, opt for an 18-inch container. Provide them with approximately 1 to 2 inches of water per week to keep them well-hydrated.

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4. Keep them safe:

Safeguard your plant from pests, birds, and other critters by creating a frame with bamboo sticks and draping it with a food-grade net. This protective measure will help ensure your berries can thrive without interference from hungry visitors.

5. Keep ’em coming:

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