6 Poisonous Plants to Avoid at Home, Some Of Them Will Surprise You

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4/ Christmas star or poinsettia, appearances are deceiving


The poinsettia is a houseplant that we like to offer at Christmas. But appearances are often deceiving. Indeed, the Christmas star is appreciated for its bright red festive colors, this poisonous plant hides a whitish sap extremely dangerous. In case of ingestion or even direct contact, its toxins most often cause contact dermatitis accompanied by itching and burning sensations. The severity of the poisoning depends on the quantity ingested. On the other hand, it is our feline friends who are often subject to Poinsettia poisoning. Fortunately, the toxicity of this plant is relative compared to other plants such as oleander or mistletoe.


5/Sage, the unlikely poisonous plant

sage antibiotics

Sage; Garden Sage; Salvia officinalis

Essential in cooking, sage is used as an aromatic herb. Some species of sage are also used for therapeutic purposes and others for cosmetic purposes. But how can sage be toxic? Rest assured, only one species of sage commonly called ” salviadivonorum ” is toxic and not edible. Indeed, the toxin ( savlornine) contained in this plant is among the harmful and hallucinogenic substances.

6/Serpentaria: the toxic dragon

From its real botanical name “Dracunculusvulgaris”, we can recognize the Serpentaria by its brownish-purple flowers with a hairy aspect, a long black pistol, but especially by its unpleasant smell. It is a carnivorous plant and usually feeds on parasites and insects. If you have a green thumb, you may be tempted by its exotic aesthetic. However, you should know that its bright orange fruits are very toxic. It is a real poison that causes, in case of intoxication, abdominal pains, diarrhea, and irritations.

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