20 ways to use Epsom salt around the house

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11. Ease muscle pain:
sore muscles WATER LEMON
 Enjoy an Epsom salt bath after a hard day at the gym or work in the yard to alleviate muscle soreness and speed recovery.
12. Remove a splinter:
Apply salt to the skin over the splinter to help pull it to the surface. Bid a fond farewell to the painful tweezer method!
Use Epsom salt around the house and garden:
13. Plant fertilizer:
 Add one tablespoon of salt to tomato plant soil to encourage bigger plant growth.
14. Clean the bathroom: 
Mix one part Epsom salt with one part liquid dish soap, and scrub grout and tile well.
15. Water your houseplants: 
Mix a few tablespoons of Epsom salt with water and feed your plants as usual.
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