Hibiscus Flower: A Beautiful Flower Everyone Should Have In Their Yard

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Hibiscus rosa sinensis - China rose

The indoor hibiscus, also called China Rose, offers magnificent flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis
Family: Malvaceae
Type: Indoor plant

  : 0.4 to 1.5 m
Exposure: Light

Foliage: Evergreen indoors –

Flowering: March to November


Flowering plant par excellence, it is easy to maintain even if some advice is needed for long-lasting flowering.

Here are all the maintenance tips for your indoor hibiscus.

Planting a hibiscus

If you buy your hibiscus in bloom, do not repot the plant as you may disturb it. The Chinese Rose also likes to feel cramped.

Potted hibiscus:


  • Repotting is generally done in March, before the resumption of vegetation.
  • Choose a pot with a slightly larger diameter.
  • Make a mixture of potting soil and heather soil
  • Place gravel or clay pebbles in the bottom of the pot to aid drainage.


Hibiscus outdoors:

You can replant an indoor hibiscus outdoors if the climate of your region allows it because the hibiscus fears frost.

See How to Grow & Care Hibiscus Plant at Home Perfectly


Indeed, the hibiscus does not resist temperatures below 5° in winter and can only be installed outdoors in regions where there is no risk of frost in winter.

The best solution, if this is not the case, is to keep it in a pot and bring it into a greenhouse or indoors from October to April-May.

  • Choose a sunny location sheltered from the wind.
  • Plant your China Rose in a mixture of potting soil, garden soil, and heather soil.
  • The hibiscus that grows well in our climates is the althea or tree mallow
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Multiplication of hibiscus: Cuttings in spring or summer.

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Hibiscus care

Caring for hibiscus is quite simple, but a few things will help you improve growth and flowering over the seasons.

The hibiscus will be all the more beautiful and bloom if you prune it in early spring

  • Perform a soft waist by slightly reshaping the figure in March.

During the vegetation period, add fertilizer for flowering plants to stimulate growth and promote spectacular flowering.

  • The addition of fertilizer is essential for potted plants because the soil is depleted much faster
  • Liquid fertilizer is recommended for potted plants, at the rate of a fertilizer contribution every 2 waterings during the flowering period.

Watering a hibiscus

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