20 ways to use Epsom salt around the house

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6. Ease a headache:
fibromyalgia WATER LEMON
 If you have an aching head after a rough day at the office (or with the kids), try soaking in an Epsom salt bath. The salt-soaked bath can help relieve tension in your muscles and ease your headache.
7. Nix tummy troubles:
 Help ease constipation symptoms by drinking a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water. The magnesium should help get things flowing again.
8. Have a better morning after: 
If you had a little too much red wine last night, you can ease hangover symptoms. Sip a teaspoon in a bit of water to help flush out your system. Make sure to drink tons of water to stay hydrated, though!
9. Fade a bruise: 
Skip the raw meat compress and grab the Epsom salt instead. Mix two tablespoons of Epsom salt with a little water and apply it to the bruised area.
10. Get more shut-eye:
 Soak in an Epsom salt bath for about 20 minutes before dozing off to help you relax and loosen up for a better night’s sleep.
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