The Secret To Planting Peppers – 3 Must Add Ingredients To Put In Your Pepper Planting Hole!

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There are indeed a couple of other simple and cost-free ingredients that you can add to your pepper planting hole to boost the growth of young plants.

The first one is spent coffee grounds. Used coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen and other trace minerals for pepper plants. Similar to castings and compost, they also help to lighten the soil and add valuable humus. When planting peppers, consider mixing in a few tablespoons of used coffee grounds for each plant.

Another fantastic all-natural ingredient is pulverized egg shells. Egg shells are rich in calcium, which can help prevent blossom end rot. However, to maximize their benefits, it’s important to first grind the egg shells into a powder before adding them to the planting hole.

While crushed egg shells will eventually decompose, this process can take years. By grinding them down to a fine powder (an electric coffee grinder is perfect for this task), you can ensure that the nutrients from the egg shells are released much more quickly into the soil and plants. So, don’t forget to add these two ingredients when planting your peppers.

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