How To Use Animal Manure In A Garden – And The Best Manures To Use To Do It!

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If you don’t happen to have a traditional compost pile, you can still compost or “age” manure on its own. This process simply involves giving the manure plenty of time to break down. This can take as little as three months, or up to a year or more.

hot spring compost pile
A manure-only pile will heat up quickly. By turning it once or twice a week, you can speed up the aging process and use it much sooner than if you simply let it sit and decompose.

To do this, place the manure (and straw or bedding) into a pile at least 3′ wide x 3′ high and deep. By piling it up, it allows the manure to heat up quickly. Turn the pile every five to seven days to speed up the process.

If you turn your manure pile a few times each week, it will usually age and be ready in just a few months. Here is to using animal manure in your vegetable garden this year. And to power your soil and plants naturally – and inexpensively too!

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