How To Keep Impatiens Blooming Crazy – 3 Simple Tips To Success!

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In addition to the three key tips mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to consider the quality of the soil in which your impatiens are planted, as it significantly impacts their success.

Impatiens truly flourish in rich, fertile, and well-draining soil. This becomes especially critical as the plants mature during the summer months.

While impatiens appreciate consistent watering, it’s essential to ensure that the soil doesn’t become overly damp or unable to drain excess moisture, as this can lead to problems.

For containers and hanging baskets, opt for a premium potting mix that allows the plant roots to absorb nutrients easily while facilitating proper drainage. Look for potting soils enriched with humus, perlite, and compost for optimal results.

When planting impatiens in flower beds, incorporate generous amounts of compost to keep the soil airy and nutrient-rich. Remember, the better the soil quality, the more vigorous your plants will be. Don’t forget to mulch around bedded plants.

Mulching helps retain soil moisture and regulates soil temperatures, both of which are crucial for the overall health of impatiens. Since they prefer cooler conditions and are not fans of heat or direct sun, mulch acts as a protective barrier, preventing the soil from becoming too hot and stressing the plants.

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