Growing Cucumbers In Straw Bales – How To Grow Cucumbers Like Crazy!

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In addition to maintaining proper watering practices, it’s essential to supplement your cucumber plants with additional nutrients as the season advances. While the nutrient-rich soil provides a strong foundation for plant growth, your crop will require additional nourishment to thrive.

Following planting, we administer a weekly application of compost or worm-casting tea for the initial 6 to 8 weeks. Subsequently, we typically reduce the frequency to once every other week. Alternatively, you can opt for a high-quality, all-purpose liquid fertilizer, diluted to half strength, and apply it every two weeks.


straw bale cucumbers
Growing in straw bales can help you to a big harvest!

Furthermore, we incorporate a quarter cup of worm castings around the base of each plant every few weeks. This dual approach to ensuring a consistent nutrient supply is a critical factor in achieving a bountiful harvest. The loose straw-soil mix facilitates easy absorption of nutrients by the plant roots, allowing them to act swiftly.

As with cucumbers in general, frequent harvesting is key. Regularly picking fruits encourages the plant to produce more flowers. If the vines become overloaded with fruit, it can impede the plant’s capacity to generate new blooms.

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