How To Keep Ferns Alive Indoors in Winter- Winter Fern Care

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Your plants are now prepared for the indoors! Ferns don’t require full sun or intense lighting to thrive during the winter months. In fact, an excess of sunlight can do more harm than good to a fern.

By dividing and replanting oversized ferns, you can generate multiple new plants. These not only have the potential to rejuvenate your outdoor space next spring, but they can also add a lively touch to your indoor areas throughout the extended winter season.


Ferns thrive best in moderate, indirect lighting conditions. This could be in a cool basement with light filtering in through a basement well window or in a corner of a room that receives natural light from a nearby window.

It’s important to avoid placing your fern near a south-facing window. The sun’s heat and direct rays through the glass can potentially scorch the foliage. Windows that don’t face south can still be suitable for ferns, but once again, choosing a spot with indirect lighting a bit away from any window is the optimal choice.

During the winter months, water your ferns only when the soil has completely dried out. Over-watering can be more detrimental to ferns than under-watering. If your ferns appear slightly less vibrant or shed a few leaves in winter, there’s no cause for concern. They will rejuvenate in full splendor come spring.

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As the warmer weather returns in spring, gradually reintroduce your plants to the outdoors. Just as in the autumn, make sure to shield your ferns from late spring frosts or freezes.


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