Place chestnuts strategically in front of your windows at home, and you’ll at last find liberation from this unwanted guest. Let’s explore this foolproof method in greater detail.

Chestnuts on the windowsill

We find ourselves in the heart of autumn, with winter looming on the horizon. Chestnuts are the quintessential emblem of this season. They evoke a distinctive and unparalleled atmosphere that immediately transports us to the essence of autumn.

Their rich hue, their unmistakable aroma, their comforting flavor—undeniably, one of the most cherished and iconic fruits throughout history. Beyond their culinary appeal, chestnuts boast properties that are not only beneficial for our overall health when we absorb their wealth of vitamins, but they also serve as a versatile beauty aid. Surprisingly, not everyone is aware of chestnuts’ excellence as allies for our scalp.

In essence, chestnuts are a genuine marvel of nature. As October ushers in the season and December takes its leave, our homes are adorned with these treasures.

They not only serve as exquisite decorations but also delight the palate when roasted or boiled. Delving into an age-old tradition passed down by our wise grandmothers, they ingeniously placed chestnuts on windowsills and furniture throughout the house. The rationale behind this practice might just astonish you. Let’s uncover the intriguing reason behind their wisdom.

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Chestnuts as a remedy for this problem

Our ancestors possessed an uncanny knack for discovering remarkably effective solutions to even the smallest of problems. Placing chestnuts on the windowsill is a time-honored remedy that dates back to ancient times. The fact that we still discuss it today suggests a kernel of truth within. The primary objective of this practice is to bid a permanent farewell to spiders in our abodes.

Unfortunately, when winter’s chill sets in and humidity levels rise, spiders seek refuge in warm, dry spaces—our homes being the perfect sanctuary. Preventing their entry is a near-impossible feat, as they can infiltrate through the tiniest of crevices and minuscule openings. However, this method offers a reliable means of thwarting their entrance.


Spiders are generally harmless creatures, and many believe them to be symbols of good luck, choosing to overlook their presence unless it becomes overly conspicuous. According to various folk beliefs, having a spider in the house signifies a positive omen. Nevertheless, for a substantial number of individuals, spiders elicit strong feelings of aversion and unease.

There exists a significant portion of the population afflicted with a genuine phobia known as arachnophobia. For those in this category, the mere thought or sight of a spider, regardless of its size, triggers a profound sense of panic. Heartbeats quicken, palms grow clammy, and breathing becomes labored. Particularly for these individuals, it is crucial to deter spiders without causing them harm. Here, you’ll discover methods to keep them at bay in a humane manner.

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Permanently remove spiders from your home this way

Spiders, much like numerous other insects, can understandably evoke intense aversion in those who come across them. Their diverse array of shapes, colors, and sizes appeals to very few in the world. Having them in one’s home is far from a pleasant experience. Despite their unfavorable reputation among people, spiders play a crucial role as small but significant creatures in maintaining the proper functioning of our ecosystem and preserving biodiversity.

Regrettably, not everyone considers non-lethal methods when seeking to rid their surroundings of these creatures. If you value their survival but prefer not to share your living space with them, then this method is tailored for you.

Chestnuts in the window

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