What To Do With Your Strawberry Plants Before Winter – Fall Strawberry Care!

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An unheated garage, barn, or shed serves as an excellent choice for giving potted strawberries the necessary protection. Getting them out of direct cold exposure is a crucial first step, but adding an extra layer of cover is a wise precaution. This can be accomplished with a few different approaches.

One effective method is to place pots inside a  burlap sack, or wrap them in burlap and then fill them with straw. Typically, this combination of burlap and straw offers ample protection while still allowing the plants to respire.

Alternatively, you can position pots in a 5-gallon bucket and encircle them with straw or shredded leaves. If these options aren’t available, another strategy is to bury the pots in the soil outdoors, covering them with a 6-inch layer of straw.

It’s important to ensure that the soil in potted plants doesn’t completely dry out over winter. Even in their dormant state, the plants still require moisture to survive. Check the soil roughly once a week and water as necessary. When spring arrives, you can uncover them and return them outdoors.

Here’s to providing your strawberry plants with excellent fall care, setting them up for a successful winter and a thriving growing season next year!

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