How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House – The Simple Secrets To Stopping Flies!

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Dealing with flies infiltrating your home can be incredibly frustrating. We’ve all experienced it – you’re attempting to cook in the kitchen, enjoy a family dinner at the table, or simply relax in the living room to watch your favorite show, and they start buzzing and landing all around. It’s everywhere! While flies can be a nuisance throughout the year, they tend to be particularly bothersome in the fall. The cooler weather prompts them to seek out warmer environments. Regrettably, it seems that the interior of your home becomes an inviting spot for them to spend the winter. And under favorable conditions, they can even reproduce.
How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House This Fall – The Simple Secrets To Stopping Flies!
Absolutely, the sight of a fly landing on your food is an instant appetite spoiler!

In addition to their persistent and bothersome presence on your food, skin, and surrounding surfaces, flies also pose a health risk. Surprisingly, the common household fly is a carrier of over 50 diseases. This can be quite unsettling, especially when they come into contact with your food!

The Life Cycle Of A Housefly – How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House

One of the challenges in controlling flies lies in their rapid reproduction rate. Outdoors, a fly typically lives for about a month on average. However, indoors, their life expectancy can double or even triple, as they face little to no threat from predators.

To make matters more challenging, as long as they have a food source and sufficient warmth, female flies will lay eggs to generate even more flies. And they’re prolific egg-layers – a highly productive female fly can deposit as many as 150 eggs at once!

What exacerbates the situation is that female flies can start laying eggs just two to three days after reaching adulthood. Considering they can mature in as little as one week, this can lead to a significant increase in the fly population in a short amount of time.

flies in a windowsill
Indoors, flies can multiply rapidly, and without the risks of outdoor life, they have a longer lifespan as well!


Here’s some encouraging news – it is indeed possible to prevent flies not only from reproducing and increasing in number but also from entering your home in the first place. What’s even better is that you can achieve this without resorting to harsh chemicals or sprays.

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With the goal of maintaining a fly-free home in mind, let’s explore a few straightforward methods to keep these bothersome flying pests out of your home for good this year!

How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House

Defending Your Home Against Flies

The primary line of defense against houseflies is ensuring they don’t have a straightforward entryway indoors.

Torn screens, uncovered vents, and open windows and doors serve as an open invitation for flies to come in and linger, particularly in the early autumn months when they start seeking warmer shelter.

Addressing these potential entry points not only helps keep flies at bay but also minimizes the likelihood of stink bugs, spiders, and a variety of other insects entering your home. That’s why in the fall, it’s particularly crucial to dedicate some time to thoroughly inspecting and sealing off any open access points around your entire house.

torn screen
Torn screens provide an easy entry point for flies and other insects!


Furthermore, it’s imperative to install screen doors and exclusively open windows and doors equipped with screen protection. Additionally, ensure that garage doors are kept closed when not in use. When left open, flies are attracted to the warmer interior and readily make their way inside given the chance. Implementing these straightforward measures can significantly diminish the presence of flies right from the outset!

Eliminate Food Sources – How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House

Flies are not just drawn in by warmth; they are seeking food sources. By keeping these sources enclosed and out of open spaces, the temptation for them to venture indoors is greatly diminished.

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Flies are particularly attracted to vegetables, meat, juices, and any food remnants, especially if they are spoiled, aged, or past their prime. They also use these as sites to lay their eggs. Therefore, eliminating these food sources can swiftly resolve most of your fly-related issues.

Countertops and drains, where food residues tend to accumulate, are major culprits. A simple wipe-down after food preparation and regular rinsing of drains with hot water to flush out particles can significantly reduce the indoor fly population.

Paying special attention to keeping your garbage disposal clean is crucial. Fly favors the food particles found in garbage disposals. To clean it, run ice cubes through and follow up with a spray of lemon juice or vinegar to sanitize.

Additionally, take care of trash receptacles. Avoid placing fruit and meat scraps or packaging in indoor trash cans, as they are a magnet for fly activity and reproduction. Furthermore, it’s advisable to keep fruit off kitchen countertops. Even non-rotting fruit can attract flies seeking sugary residues on the peels or skins.

Getting Rid Of The Flies Already In Your House – How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House

Now that we’ve discussed keeping flies from entering in the first place, let’s address how to safely eliminate those that are already inside. While a trusty fly swatter can be effective, it can also be quite bothersome and messy.

Instead, a modern and highly effective approach involves using a chemical-free indoor fly and insect trap. These are a far cry from the sticky fly tapes or rolls we may remember from the past. These traps are designed to be plugged in and employ a UV light to attract not only flies but also a range of other flying insects to the unit.  Affiliate Product Link: Safer Indoor Fly Trap

How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House
Plug-in fly traps work by using a UV light to draw flies in. Unlike the old fly tapes of yesteryear, the flies instead are captured inside of the unit on a glue card.2/ Affiliate Product Link:Flying Insect Traps

Quick & Easy Fly Control!

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