Evening Rain Lily: The Best Night Blooming Flower For Your Garden

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Also known as the evening star rain lily, this is a native plant to the United States and is from the lily, or Liliaceae, family. Botanically, it is called either Cooperia drummondii or Zephyranthes brazosensis.

Evening Rain Lily Description

Growing a foot tall with a leafless stem, the fragrant perennial has six petals and a single white flower. The bloom will last two to four days and then turn pink before withering. Leaves are grass-like and gray-green, and they will become longer after the flower fades. Bloom season is between May and September.

Evening rain lily FLOWER

Growing Guide

This native prefers to grow in full sun or partial shade with dry or moist soil. It will have the best flowers in a full sun area. Propagate by seeds in the fall or you and divide and transplant anytime.


The evening rain lily is found in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. It is seen in prairies, plains, savannahs, woodlands, pastures, and meadows.

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There are still a few rules to follow to ensure that your lilies will grow properly and become beautiful! We invite you to discover them in this article.

Beautiful lily flowers. l Source: Getty Images

                                                                                      Beautiful lily flowers. l Source: Getty Images


The best way to plant them is in the fall, just before the ground freezes. Dig a hole in the ground and loosen it a little about 30 centimeters before planting the bulb about 10 cm deep. Place 3 to 5 bulbs per 15 cm diameter hole (lilies planted in groups are more striking than a single flower growing here and there in the garden).

Place the bulbs pointed side up. Make sure you plant them in an area where rainwater drains well and doesn’t get stuck because lilies don’t like to stay in too waterlogged soil. Add your fertilizer and water, cover everything with mulch and wait until spring!

 Evening rain lily FLOWER

                                                                               Beautiful lily flowers. l Source: Getty Images

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HOW TO CARE FOR Evening Rain Lilies

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