Grow Veggies For Free: 16 Zero Cost Hacks To Grow Your Own Food

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Follow these crazy, unconventional and easy tips to grow your food at zero cost. Follow them today and get thriving edibles tomorrow!
If you don’t like the hassle of sowing or don’t want to spend money buying seeds, read this article till the end to learn our 13 easy planting tips to grow vegetables for free. from the vegetables, you have at home!


  1. Cucumbers from cucumbers

Easy Planting Hacks

Make a cut in the cucumber and scoop out its seeds with a spoon. Add these seeds to a glass filled with water. The seeds that settle at the bottom of the glass are the ones that need to be harvested. Transfer them to the soil, and you’ll soon have fresh home-grown cucumbers!

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  1. Grow Lavender Easily

Do you know that a lavender flower can provide you with a bouquet of seeds? Rub the lavender flower in your palm to squeeze out the tiny seeds.

Lay them out and wrap them on a paper towel, spray with water and leave them overnight. Transfer them to the soil, and in 8-10 weeks you will have new lavender plants!


  1. Eggplants, anyone?

Easy Planting Hacks 2

Make a cut in the bottom of the eggplant, put it in the microwave for two minutes, peel it, remove the seeds, add it to a glass of water and strain. Now take an eggshell, fill it with potting soil, sow the seeds and transfer them to the pot. Similarly, thin the seedlings when they begin to grow more.

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In just 12 to 14 weeks, you will be enjoying fresh, home-grown eggplant!

  1. Grow ginger at home

Cut small pieces of ginger rhizomes that have buds, and plant them in potting soil, making sure the cut side is down. Don’t bury them too deep. Water thoroughly, and keep them in a location with filtered sunlight. You’ll have new ginger plants in no time!

  1. The potato thing

Easy Planting Hacks 4

Take a sprouted potato and cut it into two parts. Fill a pot with potting soil, plant the potato cut side down and eye side up, and water the plant. You will soon have fresh potatoes to make fries!

6. Squash time!

Cut off the top of the squash, collect the seeds, spread them on a growing mix, and cover with a layer of soil and water well. You can do this both indoors and outdoors when the temperature is above 15°C (60°F). This trick works well with squash and cantaloupes.

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