Why You Should Eat A Banana And An Avocado Every Day

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Bananas and avocados are well known for their unlimited benefits. Recently scientists have discovered that these fruits have the ability to prevent heart attacks.

The research was conducted at the University of Alabama and was published in a well-known magazine. Researchers have found that daily consumption of banana and avocados can protect the heart from different diseases, and in particular from arterial stiffness.

Additionally, it may also lower your risk of arterial blockages, which often necessitate surgery. It’s the potassium in these foods that can alleviate a large part of the burden, the study indicates. The animal study found it reduces vascular calcification, one of the complications of kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

Mice were fed alternate diets containing low, normal or high levels of potassium, and those with the highest levels had substantially more pliable arteries, while those given lower amounts had much harder arteries. It works the same way in humans. When you include foods in your diet that contain good amounts of these minerals, these symptoms are alleviated, particularly the stiffness in arteries seen as a precursor to cardiovascular problems.

Calcification and what it means for your arteries

Calcification is the accumulation of calcium in the tissues, organs and blood vessels. According to Difference Between “Arteriosclerosis is a disorder that arises in the arteries (oxygen-bearing blood vessels). It refers to the flexibility of flexible cells due to a lack of elasticity in arterial musculature. In young people, arteries are flexible due to elastin proteins.

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As a person ages, the amount of elastin decreases, which causes arterial thickening. Atherosclerosis is the name for another disease in which the arteries are greasy and cholesterol, causing arterial narrowing. “

As scientists have explained, smooth muscle blood cells lead to calcification and atherosclerosis, and that “arterial stiffness has become an indication of the loss of cardiovascular system and mortality, which is an important problem for the whole nation.”

The study suggests that vascular calcification can be a much more important factor in curvature than previously thought. Moreover, a 2009 study titled “A Crohn’s Calcification: a Killer of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease” in which it was said that “Although torsional calcification was considered a passive, unregulated and harmful process occurring in the arteries, it turned out to be a highly regulated process of stiffening circulatory cells. “


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