How To Stop Rats From Getting Indoors and Garden Naturally – Simple Tricks That Work To Stop Rats!

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Remove water sources

Dripping tap
A well-maintained garden tap

Rats can’t survive without water. While it’s not advisable to remove garden ponds or bird baths, removing other sources of water, including dripping taps, can help deter rats, Secure drains and add baffles to drainpipes.

Encourage predators

Fox looking for food in autumn. Getty Images
Fox looking for food in autumn. Getty Images

Rats form a substantial part of a fox’s diet, so – where possible – it’s a good idea to give foxes space to live in your garden or allotment, too. Pets can also deter rats, as they can be a disruptive force in the garden, making the rats less likely to stay.

Control them

Rat in a garden. Credit: Getty Images
A rat in a garden (photo credit Getty Images)

As an absolute last resort, you may consider taking stronger measures to control rats. Do this only after all other efforts to deter them have been exhausted, as poisons can harm other wildlife in your garden and can get into the wider environment. First, identify where the rats are living and the feeding routes they take between them – in neighboring gardens, too. Traps and poisons are sold at garden centers but must be used correctly – read the label. It’s better, and safer, to contact your local council or professional pest controller.

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