You will want to stock up on conditioner when you learn these unsuspecting alternative uses

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9. “Dry clean” silk clothes and wash delicates 
Hair conditioner can be used to gently wash silks. Add a tablespoon to a sink filled with water (warm for whites, cold for colors). Let the garment soak a few minutes before rinsing. Hang to dry. You can also use a drop as a gentle soap for hand-washing other delicates like lingerie.
10. Salvage a shrunken sweater
Some fabrics can be unshrunk with a little help from the conditioner. Soak the shrunken sweater for 30 to 60 minutes in warm water with a conditioner. Then ring it out and stretch it gently back into the desired shape while it lies flat to dry.
11. Soften fabrics —
Run out of fabric softener? No problem. Spray diluted conditioner onto a washcloth and throw it in the dryer like a regular dryer sheet.
12. Protect leather shoes from snow and salt 
Lathering boots and shoes in conditioner to protect and condition them during the snowy season.

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