How to Make Your Christmas cactus bloom quickly

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Schlumbergera, also known as Christmas cactus, is a plant that blooms during the month of December. These cacti, which come from Brazil, produce flowers of different colors: red, pink, white, and purple. In order for it to flower in good conditions, certain important stages of its development must be followed. Care and maintenance are very important if you want to see your plant bloom. Flowering can occur in the fall but is usually seen in early winter, around Christmas time. Here you will find tips on caring for and flowering your Christmas cactus.

The stages of planting

Schlumbergera likes places that are a little dry and rich in nitrogen. To get one, you need a mixture of sand and earth. Also, don’t plant multiple cacti in the same pot if you want to see a flower. As for the soil, it will work better if it is enriched with a cactus-based fertilizer. This must be diluted in water before being added.

The plant environment should be well drained. To do this, place pebbles or balls of clay in the bottom of the pot. In addition, the plant should be protected from drafts and direct sunlight. Finally, the ambient temperature must be between 10 and 15°C. Once the location is determined, the plant should not be moved, otherwise, the flowers or buds will fall off.

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Christmas cactus care

The maintenance of this plant is quite simple. Water regularly and allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Watering should be constant until the first flowers appear. It is best to preferably use mineral water or rainwater and remember to empty the water from the saucer to prevent the roots from rotting.

Liquid fertilizer diluted in water can be diluted every two weeks (apart from the rest period). In addition, to keep the plant as long as possible, remember to re-pot it each year in a larger pot, in February, March, or April.

Tip: As mentioned above, irrigation water should be low in lime. However, you can use tap water if it is softened as follows: dilute 2 teaspoons of white vinegar in 10 liters of water and let the solution stand for 20 hours so that the limestone falls to the bottom of the container. Then you will get low-calcareous water ready for watering your Christmas cactus.

Is winter approaching and your Christmas Cactus shows no signs of wanting to bloom? 

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